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daria made the amazing banner.

so yeah this is our second tumblr awards together, yay.


  • must be following nina and daria 
  • reblog this
  • likes are bookmarks
  • this ends on november 10th
  • there will be 1 winner and 2 runner ups for each category
  • must reach 50 notes


  • best url
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best posts
  • best nf posts
  • best edits
  • best mobile theme
  • best multifandom
  • best overall
  • nina’s favourite
  • daria’s favourite


  • follow back from both of us
  • promos whenever you want for 1 month (runner ups for 2 weeks)
  • food whenever you want
  • winners will be up on our blogs for 2 weeks
  • eternal friendship
  • eternal glory

that’s pretty much everything. good luck :) 


Inspired by H.E.Shepard’s Winnie The Pooh illustrations (x) and A.A.Milne’s wisdom. (original here)


June 8


You’ll be giving power back to the Nemeton, a place that hasn’t had power in a very long time.  This kind of power is like a magnet, it attracts the  s u p e r n a t u r a l .

I make random pieces of art. I’m not obsessed with them, but when I start making one, I become OCD about it and I’ll lose days to finish something. That to me is always weird.