In real life, I’m the werewolf, just trying to cope.

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It’s important for our generation to know how powerful even one voice can be.

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idk i felt like it, reblog and spread the word please!


Untitled by (shabon*)

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Teen Wolf + Yellow & White

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Make me choose + Hermione Granger or Ginny Weasley
↳ ”You have to realize who you are, Harry.”

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Claude Monet Morning On The Seine In The Rain, 1897-1898

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Peter Capaldi hugging Jenna Coleman on set (July 17, 2014)

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*Reblogs 50 different gifsets of the exact same thing now that the Mockingjay teaser is out*

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'Listen to me. No one else can do this but her.'

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We need to unite these people out there. She’s the face of this rebellion. They’ll follow her.

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are you fighting, katniss? are you here to fight with us?

                                         i  a m . i  w i l l .

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